Sweet Prices and Flavors



 Order Sugarlicious in three simple steps. 


1. Choose your favorite cake flavor:

(Our best sellers are in pink).


Wedding White  +  Chocolate  +  Strawberry    +  Marble   +  Lemon  

Champagne   +   Amaretto   +   Rum   +    Oreo Cookie   +   Caramel  +   Caramel Apple  +  Toffee Crunch   +   Coconut  +  Banana Walnut  +  Lemon Poppy Seed  +  Spice  +  Lemon Pound Cake  +  

Bubble Gum   +  Cotton Candy    +    Cinnamon Roll    +    Lemon Berry     +    Lemon Drop    +     Peach Bellini  

Sweet & Salty Margarita    +   Chocolate Cinnamon  +  Chocolate Mint   +    Bittersweet Chocolate   + Mexican Chocolate   +   Cherry Limeade     + Pink Lemonade 

Red Velvet    +     Black Velvet     +  German Chocolate   +   Italian Cream  + Coconut   +   Carrot Cake

Peanut Butter   +   Pineapple   +   Pumpkin Spice   +   Coconut Cream   +    Blueberry Cheesecake 

Butterfinger     +   Snickerdoodle    +   Snickers   +     Almond Joy   +  Pistachio     +    

White Chocolate    +     Raspberry     Cherry Cheesecake    +     Key Lime Pie   


* Please Note:  Some flavors a seasonal, please check when ordering.


Step Two: choose your favorite ICING:


Buttercream      +      Cream Cheese   +    Marzipan      +     Ganache      +      Fondant


Step Three: Choose your SIZE:


Serving Chart






Choose a size and amount (mininmum purchase of 2 dozen):

Sizes:               Mini               Standard                     Jumbo

Prices/Designs:    Standard ($25)     Basic ($30)     Custom ($45)

Quotes are valid for 7 days.  Your booking is NOT secure unless I have received a $50 booking deposit.  Please ensure you confirm your order at least two weeks prior to the required date. Payment in full is required prior to or at pick up - cash or PayPal bank transfer welcome.  (Note:  Unless payment in full has been received or a deposit has been made, your order will NOT be fulfilled)